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The Anchor Platform: Creating Access Through On and Off-Ramps


Taylor Murrell

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What's new?

This year at Meridian 2023, SDF Partner Engineering Manager Jake Urban announced the latest updates to the Stellar Anchor Platform, an out-of-the-box solution that helps businesses integrate the Stellar network’s payment rails in one integration. As of today, it’s now possible for companies to access not only cross-border payments on the Stellar network, but also two on and off-ramp standards all pre-packaged in the Anchor Platform.

Why does this matter?

On and off-ramps are critical to enabling users to exchange value between the fiat and digital asset economies. At a high level, on and off-ramps help support equitable access to the global financial system by offering users worldwide access to new payment services that they may not be eligible for in the traditional financial economy.

The latest updates to the Anchor Platform support the expansion of the Stellar anchor network, by offering companies yet another method for bridging their on and off-ramp services to the blockchain. As the variety of on and off-ramps continues to grow across new regions and diverse supported currencies, the Stellar network becomes more accessible to a global user base.

Who's using the Anchor Platform?

At the conference, the SDF team also shared the stage with two ecosystem companies who shared how they leveraged the tool to access payment services on the Stellar network. Banxa, an Australia based fintech company, announced their Anchor Platform integration and shared how they use the tool to connect their on and off-ramp capabilities to the Stellar network and interoperate with ecosystem wallets, Lobstr and Beans App. Similarly, Flutterwave is integrating the Anchor Platform to power their remittance services across the African continent.

Banxa and Flutterwave are just two of the companies who have integrated the Anchor Platform to expand their product sets and access complementary digital wallets. Over the past year, the network of on and off-ramps has continued to grow, inclusive of companies like Kado and Payfura meaning there are now more interoperable on and off-ramps than ever before.

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