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Introducing the New and Improved Stellar Asset Sandbox


Taylor Murrell

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The purpose of the Stellar Asset Sandbox

The Stellar network is purpose built for asset tokenization, enabling anyone to easily create, issue, and manage digital representations of real-world assets (RWAs). Now, we’re continuing to make it easier than ever to take advantage of the Stellar network’s native platform features that make it the network optimized for asset issuance.

This year at Meridian 2023, Cheesecake Labs CEO, Marcelo Gracietti, revealed the latest updates to the Stellar Asset Sandbox. The Stellar Asset Sandbox provides a starting point for institutions to explore asset tokenization on the Stellar network, with no code required. In a testnet environment, businesses can test creating, issuing and managing digital representations of real-world financial assets in a more robust and user-friendly version of the sandbox.

What's new with the Sandbox?

With the new Stellar Asset Sandbox, you can take advantage of:

  • Role-based Access Control
    • Administrators can assign and customize roles to their teammates with specific permissions for asset management, issuance and distribution.
  • Expanded Token Management
    • In just a few clicks, users with asset management permission can issue new types of digital assets including security tokens, payment tokens and utility tokens. In the same process, they can apply asset control features like Freeze, Clawback and Authorization Required to design the asset according to their internal compliance needs.
  • Custodial Solutions
    • Key custody is now supported by the platform itself, without requiring a separate wallet to store credentials and manage transaction signing. This makes the process of executing asset management operations much more efficient for users.
  • Treasury Management
    • Institutions can now create and manage vaults (Stellar network addresses) to experiment with treasury management on the network. Users with treasury management permissions will have the tools to create an asset and grant authorization for other vaults to hold and transact with their asset.
  • Soroban Smart Contracts
    • Coming soon! This upcoming feature will enable institutions to experiment with DeFi applications enabled by the Soroban smart contracts Testnet.

With this latest set of upgrades, the open-source Stellar Asset Sandbox provides an even better starting point for issuers to explore the asset tokenization process before committing to issuing an asset of their own on the Stellar network.

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