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How to Use a Wallet Employing Stellar Aid Assist


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Stellar aid assist

You might have heard the good news – the Stellar Development Foundation is rolling out a new tool called Stellar Aid Assist, which enables humanitarian aid organizations to deliver urgently-needed cash assistance quickly, affordably, and transparently. It’s powered by a new back-end bulk disbursement system called the Stellar Disbursement Platform, which lets people remotely receive digital dollars and hold them in their self-custodied mobile digital wallet.

But how do you, the recipient of funds through Stellar Aid Assist, receive the funds? Or even use them in the first place?

The cool thing with Stellar Aid Assist is that any wallet application that supports sending & receiving Stellar assets can integrate with the Stellar Disbursement Platform in the future. But, for the purposes of this guide, we’ll show you how to use Vibrant, a wallet app, to 1) register, 2) navigate the wallet, and 3) cash out your USDC at a MoneyGram retail location.

Step 1: Registration

Once the aid organization has collected your phone number and decided you are eligible for aid, you will receive an SMS text message from the organization prompting you to download the Vibrant app. Once you’ve downloaded it from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), open the app and confirm your registration by inputting your number.

After putting in your phone number, you will receive another SMS text message with a confirmation code. Enter the confirmation code in the Vibrant app.

Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to fill out some additional details. Once you’re done filling out those prompts, the screen will let you know you’re eligible for aid before redirecting you to the wallet interface!

Simple, right?

Step 2: Navigate Vibrant

Once on the homescreen, you’ll notice a banner letting you know your funds will be available soon. It takes roughly 30 seconds for the aid organization to disburse the funds to your account, so hang tight. If you don’t immediately see your funds, pull down on the home screen to refresh the page.

Once your funds are ready and you receive your USDC on Vibrant, you can either choose to keep the money in the wallet for safekeeping or cash out to either your bank account or a participating MoneyGram retail location in any amount you want.

Step 3: Cash out your USDC

If you choose to cash out your USDC, you may have several options available to you offered by MoneyGram International. If you’re currently based in Ukraine, MGI is integrated with major banks in the country, allowing you to cash out digitally to your bank account all from your phone.

If you don’t have a bank account or prefer to have cash, you can go to any MoneyGram agent location to receive your USDC in physical cash. Even if you leave your country, your money will not be left behind! You can cash out globally through any MoneyGram agent, even if you travel across borders.

Once the funds arrive in your wallet app, click on the “Cash Out” button.

You’ll arrive at the cash out flow. Click the “Start” button to be redirected to a screen asking you to fill out:

  1. Which country you’re cashing out your funds in;
  2. The amount of USDC you would like to withdraw (you don’t have to withdraw the entire amount all at once!);
  3. And the currency you would like to exchange the USDC for.

Once you’ve inputted those details and clicked the “Next” button, you will be taken to a screen to confirm the transaction details, including the final cash-out amount in the currency of your preference and the exchange rate. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click “Next.”

To complete the process, you will need to provide your personal details in a 2-screen process. The first screen will ask you to fill out information like your name and your address. The second screen will require you to enter ID details. MoneyGram needs this information to verify it is the right person receiving money. Click “Next” once you’re done filling out all relevant information.

You’ll be directed to a summary detailing your personal information, payment information, cost, the cost summary, and cash-out amount. Once you’ve clicked “Submit” to verify those details, you’ll be directed to a final screen to finalize your transaction. Select “Ok” to prepare your cash for pick-up.

You’ll be able to see when your cash is ready for pick-up in the red bar on your Vibrant home screen.

From here, you can choose to pick up your funds in-person at a MoneyGram location near you, or send them directly into your bank account at a participating bank. If you’re picking up in person, head to a MoneyGram location near you and tell them you are receiving cash. Be sure to bring your Reference number (in the red bar above) and the Photo ID you used to fill out your transaction details. If you cashed out digitally to your bank account, you don’t need to do anything else! The money will appear automatically in your account.

Show the MoneyGram agent your ID and reference number, and that’s it! Once the USDC has been cashed out, you will be able to view the withdrawal details in the Vibrant app.