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Meta Anchors in Action: Arf's Impact on Cross-Border Finance with Kazim Ozyilmaz


Caroline Young

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Tech talks with tomer


Cross-border payments

In Season 2, Episode 4 of Tech Talks with Tomer, Kazim Ozyilmaz (Co-founder and Technical Lead at Arf) takes us on a captivating journey at the crossroads of traditional finance and blockchain. Arf, as a Swiss-regulated global settlement banking platform, uses the Stellar network to offer short-term liquidity and B2B financing. Kazim discusses Arf's pivotal role as a "meta anchor," facilitating smooth cross-border transfers for multiple financial institutions, with plans to integrate with DeFi platforms on the horizon.

Tech Talks with Tomer is a video and podcast series hosted by Tomer Weller, VP of Product at the Stellar Development Foundation. In every episode, Tomer speaks with some of the smartest engineers in blockchain about the biggest innovations happening in the space.