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Building Smart Contracts Faster: Talking Efficient Development w/ Aha Labs Co-founder Chad O.


Veronica Irwin

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Tech talks with tomer


Smart contracts

In Episode 3 Season 2 of Tech Talks with Tomer we speak with Aha Labs Co-Founder Chad Ostrowski. Aha Labs is a group of developers best known for RAEN, a product which allows ABI/contract info to be stored on-chain for the NEAR protocol. Chad is also a content creator and an active member of the Stellar community. In one recent video, he compared NEAR, Soroban, and CosmWasm’s approaches to wrapping a key-value store in Rust smart contracts.

Tech Talks with Tomer is a video and podcast series hosted by Tomer Weller, VP of Product at Stellar Development Foundation. In every episode, Tomer speaks with some of the smartest engineers in blockchain about the biggest innovations happening in the space.

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