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block by block with Denelle Dixon: What Financial Markets, Crypto Investing, and Horses Have in Common ft. Joey Krug of Founders Fund


Carolyn Yi

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block by block

Denelle Dixon

The block by block podcast is back with a fresh season! Denelle Dixon sits down with new experts each episode for a conversation on how crypto and blockchain are shaping their corner of the world.

To kick off season 2, Denelle welcomes longtime investor and founder in the crypto space, Joey Krug of Founder's Fund. Joey understands the upsides (and downsides) of being early and making big bets. At Founders Fund, he’s focused on defining the next decade of the firm’s crypto strategy. This conversation digs in on what motivated his early ventures, finding and backing the best founders, and his list of biggest mistakes and lessons learned (literally - he keeps a list). Plus: what horses and poker have to do with financial markets and crypto investing.

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