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SDF Joins the Blockchain Association


Candace Kelly

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Blockchain association

At the Stellar Development Foundation, we are driven by the idea that blockchain has the power to transform our world for the better. For us, that means using this technology to create equitable access to the global financial system.

Today’s financial system was designed decades ago. It doesn’t always reflect the needs or expectations of citizens and consumers. It doesn’t leverage the potential that technology presents to create a more equitable system that makes it easier, faster and cheaper to hold, send, and transfer value around the globe.

Blockchain can make the system better. It can build greater trust in our institutions and empower consumers. That’s why we created Stellar — a global, public blockchain that connects today’s financial infrastructure in a way that furthers financial access and inclusion and unlocks the world’s economic potential.

We know that the change we’re talking about takes time. It requires discussion and debate to define what the future will look like. It requires frank conversations that get to the root of the risks and rewards of the technology to inform laws and policies based on facts, not fears. It requires collaboration with many stakeholders, from financial and government institutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises.

We know it’s a progression and to do it right, to help create the world in which we want to live, we need to be part of the conversation that is shaping the system of the future. We want to ensure that the vision for Stellar and its ecosystem has a central place in the public dialogue.

That’s why we’ve joined the Blockchain Association.

The Blockchain Association is fostering this important conversation by educating policymakers on the benefits of blockchain. While they represent the many industries realizing the value of blockchain, they understand the specific challenges and opportunities of the Stellar Development Foundation. They’ve proven a unified voice in pursuit of a digital future that’s transparent, inspiring, secure, and equitable.

As a member, we’re going to work to help policymakers and influencers understand the potential of this technology to enhance the current financial system. The United States can be a leader in unlocking that potential, but only with transparent guidance and regulatory clarity for the innovative businesses in this space. Together with like-minded organizations, we’ll use our collective voice to advocate for smart, effective policy that allows blockchain to thrive in the United States. We’re excited about the work we will do together with the Association and our fellow members to show how blockchain can transform the world for the better.