Stellar Development Foundation Q1 2024 in Review


Stellar Development Foundation

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Quarterly report

In January, the Stellar Development Foundation set out a new roadmap and North Stars, intended to guide us in taking steps toward SDF’s mission of enabling greater access to the financial system by redefining who has access to everyday financial services.

The Q1 report outlines the latest achievements structured within this new roadmap. Here is a selection of highlights:

  • We kicked off the new year and the first quarter in a big way. On the heels of much discussion and collaboration with the ecosystem, smart contracts are live on Stellar! We are seeing the building blocks necessary for a thriving DeFi ecosystem going live.
  • Over 3 rounds this quarter, the Stellar Community Fund awarded 3.2 million dollars worth of lumens to projects built using smart contracts on Stellar.
  • SDF has focused on the technical capabilities and third party services necessary to establish smart contracts on Stellar as a leader in safety. To that end, we launched the Soroban Audit Bank, introducing security experts to the ecosystem and connecting them to projects in need of audits. The program is distributing up to 1 million dollars in security audit credits in coordination with six top-tier audit firms.
  • Total accounts on the network surpassed 8 million, a new milestone.
  • Real world asset payments volume was equivalent to over 1.6 billion dollars.
  • Tokenization continues to grow, with real world asset supply equivalent to over 533 million dollars.
  • We announced Meridian 2024 in London from October 15 to 17–an opportunity for the ecosystem and community to gather in-person later this year, and celebrate a decade of impact. The call for speakers is open right now through June 30! Send us your ideas.

Check out the report to learn more about these highlights and other strategic achievements from this quarter. You can also watch the Q1-in-review webinar below, where Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director, was joined by Justin Rice, VP of Ecosystem, and Jason Chlipala, Chief Business Officer, to cover growth metrics for the Stellar network and other highlights and accomplishments.