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Register for Meridian 2021: Build Locally, Impact Globally


Stellar Development Foundation

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We’re well into 2021, and what a year of change has it been. The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, but vaccination rollouts worldwide give hope that the end could be in sight. However, the world is experiencing unprecedented climate change, entire economies and governments are undergoing tremendous upheaval, and the need for immediate and sustainable solutions is more apparent than ever.

As a technology that has yet to unleash its full potential, blockchain can help tackle some of the challenges we are facing. Conversations around blockchain technology have penetrated the mainstream and become a household topic. Given NFTs’ staggering rise in popularity, the scrutiny of cryptocurrency sustainability, and the regulatory discussions governments are beginning to engage in, it’s clear that the industry is at the cusp of evolution.

Yet, those topics just graze the surface of blockchain. What about at the ground level, where we’ve seen unexpected resilience in remittance flows this past year aided in part by blockchain technology? What about the developers and businesses who are bootstrapping projects and building products to provide access to crucial services for those in their community?

The theme for Meridian 2021, Stellar’s 3rd annual conference, is Build Locally, Impact Globally. We’re putting the focus on the power of local solutions and how they can support not only the region they originated from, but also scale beyond to deliver global impact.

On Day One, you’ll hear from members of the Stellar Development Foundation and the broader ecosystem on exciting milestones for the ecosystem. We’ll dive into updates on automated market makers, the Enterprise Fund, the Stellar Community Fund, and more. It will culminate with a fireside chat with Jed McCaleb, SDF Co-Founder, and Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director.

Day Two will feature experts engaging in friendly debates, going head-to-head on some of the most important (and sometimes contentious) issues facing the ecosystem and the wider blockchain industry today. Think public and private digital currencies, policy and regulation, and industry-wide predictions for 2022. We plan to explore a range of topics and have fun while doing so. You’ll also have a front seat to on-demand tech talks and a selection of community-submitted product demos, and have a chance to participate in the first-ever doc sprint at Meridian.

By connecting on Stellar, local builders and innovators are creating more equitable access to the global financial system, bringing the world closer to true financial inclusion. At this year's Meridian, you’ll see how even the most grassroots of ideas has the potential to grow into something larger. We look forward to sharing more details about the program and opportunities for engagement in the coming months. Mark your calendars for November 17 and 18 and register to join us.