Looking Back at WEF 2024


Lauren Thorbjornsen

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As leaders convened to address global challenges at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2024, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) took the opportunity to meet with folks in emerging technology and advocate for a more accessible financial system. SDF’s presence was marked by a few key events:

  • Using Technology to Improve Financial Inclusion, a panel and networking event co-hosted by SDF and the Financial Times
  • World Economic Forum panels, including Blockchain and Digital Assets Multilateral Convening of Leaders and a session on the Tokenization Economy
  • POLITICO’s roundtable discussion: Is blockchain a catalyst for financial inclusion?
  • Partnership with the Filecoin Foundation to host two events: "Crypto Policy Workshop" and "Asset Tokenization Workshop"

Partnership with the Financial Times

SDF collaborated with the Financial Times to host a panel discussion and networking event. Attendees delved into the role of blockchain in advancing global financial access and inclusion while addressing key concerns surrounding technology vulnerabilities. Industry leaders convened to discuss topics including the geopolitical impact on financial access, the sustainability of blockchain solutions, and strategies to enhance inclusivity.

Highlighting WEF Panels

Denelle Dixon, as the leader of SDF, played a pivotal role in shaping discussions and initiatives to put SDF’s mission of financial access at the forefront. Her speaking slots, including the Blockchain and Digital Assets Multilateral Convening of Leaders and the WEF session on the Tokenization Economy, paired well with her leadership and expertise in the field.

In the Blockchain and Digital Assets Multilateral Convening of Leaders, Denelle focused on industry challenges, fostering collaboration among stakeholders to address hurdles associated with blockchain technology. Meanwhile, in the WEF Session on The Tokenization Economy, Denelle participated as a panelist, providing insights into the potential impact of tokenization on various industries and economies.

From Denelle during the panel: “There’s financial access. That’s the tool we can see, and we’re seeing that happen all the time now. We’re seeing that with respect to tokenized cash, we’re seeing that with respect to money market funds. We’re seeing that with respect to bonds. And all of these tools being put on there, not only do they save value and opportunity for the entities that are tokenizing, but they bring opportunity for those who haven’t historically had the opportunity to grasp it.”

POLITICO Round Table Discussion

In addition to participating in the conference itself, a notable event for the team was the breakfast panel discussion presented by SDF and POLITICO Live. The panel, which featured Chief Legal Officer Candace Kelly, delved into blockchain's impact on financial inclusion, highlighting the role of decentralized, public blockchains like Stellar in advancing financial access globally, especially in developing economies and underserved communities. As part of the partnership, Politico Studio and SDF partnered to publish a piece in Politico, highlighting key takeaways.

“Digitalization is already expanding access to and use of financial services, particularly in countries and population segments that have traditionally been underserved. Blockchain can play a critical role in supporting this — enabling faster, cheaper, more secure and more transparent financial transactions, and creating new ways for people to protect their assets.”

Filecoin Foundation Events: Crypto Policy Workshop and Asset Tokenization Workshop

SDF sponsored two events at The Filecoin Sanctuary hosted by the Filecoin Foundation and CNBC: a "Crypto Policy Workshop" and an "Asset Tokenization Workshop" facilitated by CoinDesk's Michael Casey. The workshops aimed to catalyze discussion around crypto policy and asset tokenization among curated attendees. Candace Kelly participated in the events, which featured hands-on discussion and brainstorming for attendees during the “workshop” portion.

Final Thoughts on Davos

Throughout the summit, SDF held conversations with a diverse array of governmental and organizational entities, spanning from traditional financial institutions to startups and emerging tech companies. Key themes included sustainability, financial inclusion, improving security and transparency, and bridging divides within the global financial system. Discussions were not confined to one geographic region but extended to emerging markets in Africa, the UK, and beyond. Moving forward, SDF looks forward to continued discussions with summit leaders, recognizing the importance of collaborative efforts in creating financial systems that offer stability and resilience.

Events like Davos provide invaluable opportunities for organizations like SDF to connect, collaborate, and drive meaningful change in the pursuit of global financial access. SDF is dedicated to consistent messaging and thought leadership crafted around our mission of enabling better financial access, and continues to share that messaging with people around the world.