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Stellar Build Challenge #7 - the Results


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The 7th Stellar Build Challenge has officially concluded! This has been a very exciting challenge to follow and for good reason. If you recall, we wanted to bring the spirit of ‘community’ and collaboration back to the Build Challenge and set some specific challenge goals for Build Challenge 7. We weren’t disappointed. This challenge saw over 100 submissions and great community feedback across various channels. Developers were keen to implement feedback given by users, and users weren’t shying away from providing it!

Out of 107 submissions, 53 will receive an award. A total of 1.62M lumens will be awarded across the SBC winners, finalists, semi-finalists, honorable mention and participation categories. In addition, 1.9M lumens will be awarded through the new support initiative - encouraging growth and development for projects and applications that are cornerstones of the ecosystem. We will also be awarding lumens to community members who have provided exceptional feedback and support during this round of SBC.

The overall winners below will receive rewards of 150,000 XLM each (with the dotnet-stellar-sdk contributors splitting their reward). Finalists will receive 125,000 XLM, semi-finalists will receive 70,000 XLM and honorable mentions will receive 35,000 XLM. Many other participant submissions will receive smaller awards for their efforts. We’ve also reworked our KYC process to expedite the distribution process. Award winners will receive communication from us in the next few weeks with details on how to claim awards along with project feedback from SDF. More details will also be provided shortly regarding support program awards.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, support, and thoughtful discussions surrounding the build challenge. Without further adieu, let’s dive into the results!

The Overall Winners


Galactic Talk announcement
Category : Application / Security Project Summary: StellarGuard provides enhanced security to any Stellar account by adding an additional multisig signer, using 2FA to authorize transactions.

StellarGuard has not only grown substantially in its features, but also in adoption. Many popular Stellar applications now support StellarGuard’s authentication services and the list continues to grow. StellarGuard has also been released to the open-source community under the MIT License.

dotnet-stellar-sdk contributions

Galactic Talk announcement
Category : Library/SDK/Framework Open-Source Contributions

Elucidsoft’s dotnet-stellar-sdk has become one of the most popular Stellar SDKs and continues to grow through dedicated commits and contributions from the community. This round, Kirbyrawr added significant improvements towards the library’s documentation/examples and also submitted several other contributions, including ports and bug fixes. Elucidsoft also continued to grow the library by adding additional features, as well as releasing version 2.0 of the SDK.


Building your own Venmo With Stellar

Galactic Talk announcement
Category: Tutorial / Documentation Project Summary: This tutorial shows people how to create a product similar to Venmo using Stellar, hiding the implementation details from the final user.

Clocking in at nearly 9,000 words this tutorial is an incredibly detailed and well-designed step-by-step walkthrough of building a product similar to the popular payments platform Venmo. It’s also a great guide for setting up an anchor on the network. It begins explaining the major concepts needed to start the project and intuitively expands on these concepts in each chapter. The tutorial is full of source references, code snippets, examples, and designed in a way that helps the reader actually learn by doing.


Galactic Talk announcement
Category: Library/SDK/Framework Project Summary: We are building an SDK for Stellar written in Rust. All get routes implemented and are paired with a working CLI

Notably several contributors to this project worked and consulted with other SDKs written in Rust, and they built a robust stellar-rust-sdk from the ground up to make an accessible library for interacting with Stellar and Horizon for Rust users. We’re excited to see where this project goes, and would like to continue to see it foster community support.

Galactic Talk announcement
Category: Social Trading Project Summary: provides social identity on the Stellar Network. It is a social trading web app coupled with peer-to-peer payments. is a feature-rich social trading application with payment support. It has an easy-to-navigate user experience and customizable profiles for users. A social rich application with trading leaderboards, user feeds, following functionality - it’s a great example of how the SDEX can be gamified. As an added bonus, also incorporates security standards, including 2FA and Ledger support.


Galactic Talk announcement
Category: Application / Wallet Project Summary: BlockEq is a fast,cheap, and easy to use secure wallet / exchange for Stellar

BlockEq has made many improvements since SBC6 and has taken user feedback into consideration in a major way. BlockEq is a security-focused mobile application that also helped to open the door to Stellar applications on the Apple AppStore.


These projects exhibited strong collaboration, deep development, and/or met the challenge goals.


Category: Application / Payment Processing
GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “StellarPay is a project that aims to enable merchants and individuals to make & receive payments on the Stellar network.”


Category: Library/API/Framework
GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “This is an SDK for performing Stellar operations via Scala. It provides the ability to access the Stellar network via Horizon instances to build and submit transactions, query the state of the network and stream updates.”

StellarExpert ID

Category: Library/API/Framework
GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “StellarExpertID is a Single-Sign-On key management solution and secure tx signer.”


Category: Quorum Explorer
GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “iOS and web app that helps you visualize the validators and their quorum sets”

Quorum Explorer

Category: Quorum Explorer
GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “Quorum explorer helps admins make informed decisions on node configuration and helps developers connect to SCP”


Category: Social Trading
GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “strader is an all-in-one social trading, asset research, and portfolio management app”


Category: Trade Bot Maker
GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “GalacticBot is an open source bot library for the Stellar network that can trade while you’re away”

Honorable Mentions

Projects with strong fundamentals and work, that could grow quickly with more adoption, feedback, user-experience, or support

Stellar Fox

Category: Application Galactic Talk Announcement Project Summary: “Fuse traditional banking experience and Stellar protocol into a new type of entity that empowers typical user to function as their own bank.”


Category: Application GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “Swinvoice is an invoicing application powered by Stellar that makes it easy for users to create and send invoices to clients and confirm received payments.”

Elm lang SDK

Category: Library/API/Framework GalacticTalk Announcement Project Summary: “SDK for the Elm programming Language, as well as a Clone of the official Laboratory written in Elm.”

Mister Ticot’s Application Collective

( Cosmic Link, Stellar Authenticator, js-stellar-oc-multi-sig, js-stellar-ledger-wallet)

Category: Application/Library/Framework/Security/Collective

Project Summary: “A collective of tools and applications on the Stellar Network that includes transaction signing, signature sharing, and security protocols”.

Community Feedback Contributors

by username: Dzham, Paulselden, misterticot, Bkolobara, Jeffditullio, Tinco, Umbrel, Jem, Tim, Orbit.lens, Unsinkamoto, KirbyRawr, ItsSonic, Jilles Van Gurp, Fracek, Pantheon

In addition to the twenty winners, finalists, semi-finalists, and honorable mentions listed above, there were 33 other submissions that deserved at least some award from SDF. Congratulations!