Why We're Excited About a Cables Finance Launch on Stellar


Stellar Development Foundation

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The Cables Finance launch on the Stellar network represents a pivotal moment where traditional finance and blockchain technology converge, adding to its already strong ecosystem. This partnership embodies a shared vision to simplify cross-border payments and bring liquid FX trading to blockchain, democratizing access to financial services globally.

Shared Vision

Creating Financial Access

The Stellar Development Foundation’s commitment to making financial systems more accessible worldwide perfectly complements the Cables Finance mission to revolutionize FX trading. By harnessing the Stellar blockchain, Cables is poised to transform FX trading into a more transparent, accessible, and equitable experience for all.

Setting Cables Apart

A Dynamic Approach & Innovative Features

Cables Finance stands out in the blockchain space with its semi-decentralized exchange model, a testament to our adaptability and commitment to innovation. This model blends the autonomy of self-custody with the advantages of centralized liquidity, ensuring users enjoy a trading experience that's both secure and competitive.

Cables Finance introduces a suite of unique features, including a central limit order book (CLOB), slippage-free trading, and OTC capabilities, ensuring our platform is not just another DEX but a groundbreaking financial tool that can bring stronger access to FX and high quality stablecoins to support economies where currency value and trade is more volatile.

Working with Cables Finance, we're really pushing the envelope by bringing FX onchain, which aligns with the Foundation’s goal to create access to the global financial system. Cables Finance is a game-changer, marrying traditional market liquidity with the security of blockchain in a way that's seamless. Cable's launch on Stellar paves the way for a more inclusive financial world for everyone.

Tomer Weller | VP of Product, Stellar Development Foundation

What's Next?

A Synergy for the Future

The energy and collaboration within the Stellar ecosystem significantly amplify our efforts, enabling Cables Finances to explore new possibilities and contribute to the adoption of blockchain.

The roadmap focuses on adoption and enhancement. With smart contracts now available on Stellar, the goal now is to attract and integrate as many aligned financial services as possible. The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) plays a crucial role in encouraging further adoption, having already dispersed over $15 million from a $100 million adoption fund and supported more than 180 projects. Additionally, the work continue

Cables Finance is dedicated to evolving through community feedback and innovative features post-launch. Our internal team is hard at work refining automation, enhancing system robustness, and embracing community insights to guide future developments on Soroban.

In essence, the collaboration between Stellar and Cables Finance blends blockchain's revolutionary potential with the robustness of traditional financial systems. Together, we're not just facing the future; we're building it.