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What's New with Stellar Dev Docs


Bri Wylde

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Big news, everyone! Stellar’s developer documentation has a new look and fresh content! Of course, updates have always been made to the docs as changes and new features affect the network. However, this update is much more significant and features a new structure, updated documentation, and additional sections.

We are always striving to improve the developer experience on Stellar, and our documentation needed a bit of a revitalization. By updating the docs, we hope to make learning about and building on Stellar as seamless as possible.

Note that not all the docs are changing at once. The entire docs update will be an iterative process, with more content coming out in the coming months. Don’t worry – we’ll be sure to keep you updated with what is happening in each release.

Let’s get started by talking about what’s new today. Most of the updates are to the general structure and explanatory content.

What’s new

  • Fundamentals and concepts section - explains the Stellar essentials, from the consensus protocol to the data structures to the SEPs. This section is supposed to help users understand the basics of Stellar to help them build on the network.
  • Encyclopedia - the previous Glossary section has become the Encyclopedia. This section dives deep into specific Stellar workings and operations. Want to understand the particulars of account flags or liquidity on Stellar? This is the place to go.


  • Glossary - instead of long-form entries, the Glossary now contains concise definitions of common Stellar and blockchain terms. Head here for a quick understanding of specific words and phrases.
  • Consolidated Getting Started and Welcome - combined these two sections into one Welcome page to reduce confusion.

What’s next

We will be updating our tutorial sections in the coming months, including a structural reorganization of applications, issuing assets, anchors, and network infrastructure. Some of this content will be accompanied by new feature introductions, such as the anchor platform. Stay tuned for these exciting future updates!

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions! Check out the docs and let us know your thoughts in our Developer Discord or through GitHub Repo. These docs are for you, and your input is greatly appreciated as we work to improve the developer experience on Stellar.