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RPCiege: Axe & Ember | Get Set Up!


Bri Wylde

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Welcome to the RPCiege: Axe & Ember “getting started” tutorials! RPCiege: Axe & Ember is a text-based adventure game created with smart contracts on Soroban. Anyone can play, even non-coders, and we’re here to show you how to get set up!

This tutorial will walk through three methods you can use to play: with Gitpod, GitHub Codespaces, or downloading the CLI on your own machine. For these tutorials, we’ll be using the contract ID:


Keep in mind that this ID is only for testing purposes. The official RPCiege: Axe & Ember contract ID will be revealed in the RPCiege booklet when the game is released at 9 p.m. EST on October 31st. This blog also contains a guide that walks you through setting up and connecting a Stellar wallet for the chance to receive sweet NFT playing cards.

Let’s get started!


Gitpod is a development interface that can be used inside the browser with minimal installation requirements. You’ll be able to play the entire RPCiege: Axe & Ember game from inside this Gitpod window.

Start by navigating to and following the instructions in this video to prepare for tonight’s game!

GitHub Codespaces

Playing RPCiege: Axe & Ember in GitHub Codespaces is similar to using Gitpod in that you don’t have to install or configure anything on your own machine — you’re using a virtual machine right inside GitHub to play.

Start by navigating to and follow the instructions in the following video.

Note that this video does not include details on using the Soroban CLI to play RPCiege: Axe & Ember. Follow the Gitpod video for these more in-depth instructions.

Your own machine

You can also play RPCiege: Axe & Ember by following the Setup instructions in the Soroban docs that detail how to install Rust, the target, and the Soroban CLI on your own machine.

As with the GitHub Codespaces video, this video does not include details on how to use the Soroban CLI to interact with the RPCiege: Axe & Ember contract. For those instructions, follow along in the Gitpod video above.

Connect your Stellar wallet

To claim and hold your RPCiege: Axe & Ember NFT playing cards, you need to connect a funded public Stellar wallet (like Freighter). This video will help walk you through how to create and fund such an account.

RPCiege: Axe & Ember will be released on October 31st at 9 p.m. EST! Be sure to join the launch and streaming party in the Stellar Developer Discord to eat candy, play the game, and generally have a good time!

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