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Learn Soroban As Easy as 1-2-3 With Community-Made Tooling


Julian Martinez

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The sustained growth of the Soroban ecosystem greatly hinges on comprehensive educational resources and tools for developers. From detailed documentation and online tutorials to interactive learning platforms and community-led social forums, these resources empower developers to innovate and collaborate. The thriving ecosystem of over 70 projects has demonstrated consistent commitment to fostering developer growth by way of educational platforms such as Soroban Learn and, which are both online IDEs for Rust smart contract development.

The long-term impact of these resources is tremendous. They lead to a well-informed and skilled community, capable of working efficiently with Soroban, leading to more innovative applications and reduced developer roadblocks.

The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) plays an instrumental role by providing funding for these community made-tools, and here are some you can use to kick-start your journey on Soroban today:


A robust library enabling the efficient development of decentralized applications (dApps) using React and Soroban, providing full support for the Freighter wallet, customizable connectors for seamless network connectivity, and compatibility with Jest for testing.

An online IDE platform designed to create an accessible environment for web developers to experiment with Soroban. With an in-browser host environment, it allows for immediate viewing of contract call outcomes and ledger changes and executes complex transactions involving multiple accounts and contracts. This setup aims to minimize onboarding challenges, particularly reducing the time-to-interaction, which is crucial for retaining web developers in the blockchain field. Learn more in their SCF submission.

Soroban Learn

A comprehensive online IDE, aimed at teaching developers of all proficiency levels the nuances of Rust programming and Soroban smart contract development. Features of this platform include a Soroban Rust course (coming soon), wallet integration for progress tracking, supplemental video content, and learner rewards. Learn more in their SCF submission.


A browser-based IDE for writing and debugging contracts before deployment that enables users to invoke deployed contracts using their contract ID. This tool eliminates the need for local Rust setup and drastically reduces the time required for contract deployment and testing to a mere five minutes. Learn more in their SCF submission.


A platform designed to simplify the process of building applications on Soroban and the Stellar network. It offers an intuitive wizard that guides users in creating smart contracts, which are ready for deployment on Soroban. By providing a user-friendly interface and a library of secure smart contract components, SoroSorcerer helps to reduce the complexity and resources required in smart contract development. It makes the task of creating custom smart contracts on Soroban more manageable and straightforward. Learn more in their SCF submission.

AnChain.AI - Tenzing Smart Contract Catalog

This project provides an open-source Soroban smart contract catalog, which includes a repository of audited smart contracts for various use cases. It aims to lower the barrier to entry by offering templates of functional and secure smart contracts for deployment, modification, or educational purposes while contributing to the testing and development of the Soroban platform. Learn more in their SCF submission.

Other Alternatives

Other smart contract building blocks and resources to take a look at include:

  • Token Playground: The Token Playground is a hands-on tool designed to guide developers on the Soroban platform, specifically in managing the Stellar network assets with smart contracts. It demystifies the integration of the Stellar network assets with smart contracts, showcasing the practical actions involved in token management such as asset issuance, information retrieval, and inter-chain transactions. This interactive playground serves as a valuable resource for developers seeking to understand the coexistence of the Stellar network assets and smart contracts on Soroban.
  • Bond Smart Contract: Bond Smart Contract simplifies the management of the Stellar network assets through smart contracts, allowing users to easily interact with their assets. This comprehensive guide demonstrates the integration of Soroban and its versatile features for optimal utilization in a DeFi setting.
  • Soroban Smart Option Contract: The Soroban Smart Option Contract is an innovation from Block Time Financial and leverages the Stellar blockchain to provide secure, collateral-backed bilateral trade capabilities.


Whether you’re an experienced blockchain developer or a beginner using these tools to develop on Soroban, you're part of an exciting, expanding world of decentralized innovation. For a more in-depth look at the projects above and more, check out all SCF projects. Furthermore, to deepen your understanding of Soroban, consider diving into the extensive Soroban Docs! Lastly, dont miss out on joining our community on Discord! It’s the perfect place to stay up to date on the latest news from the Stellar network, and also be a part of the dynamic discussions that shape the future of Soroban.

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