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Launch Your Blockchain Education with Stellar Quest Learn


Bri Wylde

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Stellar Quest is growing up! What started as a gamified experiment is maturing into a full-fledged, educational experience. We’ve received loads of feedback since Stellar Quest’s launch in October 2020 and have consolidated our learnings to create a more engaging and inclusive experience. We want Stellar Quest to be an approachable place for beginner-to-advanced developers to not only explore the Stellar network but to learn about blockchain in general.

Today, on April 11th, we are launching the next evolution of Stellar Quest: Stellar Quest Learn!

Let’s talk more about what exactly is changing.

Stellar Quest is being split into two main components: Stellar Quest Live and Stellar Quest Learn

Stellar Quest Learn is our evergreen guided educational experience. It won’t function much differently than the existing Stellar Quest site- you’ll still be able to play quests at any time, in any order. However, our quest flow is now much more cohesive, and the challenges steadily increase in difficulty. With Stellar Quest Learn, you can go at your own pace. Completing each quest earns you a unique, fresh NFT badge (coming soon!) that you’ll be able to display, or boast about, in your Stellar Quest profile. Try out our first set of five quests now! We will add new sets regularly, so look out for updates.

And don’t worry — Stellar Quest Live isn’t going anywhere. We will continue to host live events periodically as a separate and supplemental experience to Learn. Face-off against other developers to solve new and unique timed challenges on the Stellar network. Keep your eyes out for live event announcements in our Stellar Dev Discord, Stellar Quest Discord, and Twitter!

Let’s talk more about why we’re updating Stellar Quest

As aforementioned, we received a lot of feedback about Stellar Quest. Although it’s been hailed as a great place to learn with a fun and engaging community, we also had some consistent criticisms.

First, people want to work on quests all the time, not just during a live event. Although live quests are available to complete after the competition, the collection of live quests is fragmented and stale. Our community wanted the quests to feel more like an educational course rather than just individual challenges.

Second, although live quests bring a burst of energy to our community, the lulls in between events are a bit of a bummer. We want to consistently maintain excitement and engagement, even when there’s no live event, and we’re hoping that the fresh, educational content of Stellar Quest Learn will help.

Finally, Stellar Quest Live is not necessarily accessible to all. Although live quests are fast-paced and exciting, they can be challenging, which isolates early blockchain developers. Adding the Learn component to Stellar Quest opens the door to users of all experience levels.

So, when is this all happening?

The first part of Stellar Quest Learn launches today (April 11th)! This launch includes the first set of five brand-new quests, a new and improved Stellar Quest website, and a spiffy new profile page for you to display your hard-earned badges.

The final two sections will be released soon, along with the new badges associated with each quest. We will also be implementing individual side quests to work on in conjunction with the main quests, where you’ll learn about minting NFTs, fee-bumps, and more!

And, as always, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming live quest announcements in the next few months.

Final words

Stellar Quest came from humble beginnings, with our first quests attracting a few hundred participants. We’ve grown now to have several thousand people engaging in each event. As our community grows, so must the Stellar Quest program. We hope that bringing Stellar Quest Learn to the table increases excitement and allows even more developers to achieve their blockchain-building dreams.

As always, we welcome feedback. Please feel free to leave comments or questions in our Stellar Quest Discord.


  • What happens to the old quest content?
    If you’re currently working on existing Stellar Quest content, don’t fret. We’ll keep a legacy site up for a while as we launch the new site and quest content. An announcement will be made if and when the old content is being removed from existence. Here is a link to the legacy site:
  • Can I still earn XLM rewards from doing quests?
    XLM rewards will still be available for live quest events. When you complete Learn quests, you will earn unique NFT badges!
  • How can I engage with the Stellar Quest community?
    Join our Stellar Quest Discord! Get help with quests or have a chat with other questers.
  • How do I find the new Stellar Quest Learn program?
    It’s easy! Just click the Stellar Quest Learn link to navigate to our new site and start learning.