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Check Out Our New Docs! 


Carl Vitullo

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Dev docs

After months of work, a bit of beta testing, and a lot of great feedback from the ecosystem, we're finally ready to launch the new, improved Stellar docs. You can find them at

There are two main sections:

  • Documentation includes guides, links to tools and software, and definitions of all things Stellar.
  • API Reference documents the Horizon API in all its glory, and allows you to easily look up the resources, aggregations, and errors you'll encounter as you use it.

The goal was to keep everything good from the existing docs but to streamline the navigation, improve the looks, and update the content to better reflect where things stand now. As you read through these new docs, you may find bugs, errors, typos, or omissions. When you do, please file PRs or issues in the GitHub repo.

The Documentation section is organized around different learning paths, and the plan is to add new paths as network use cases evolve. In it, you will find new high-level explanations to help orient developers, new sections focused on issuing assets and setting up an anchor service to enable deposits and withdrawals, and a new set of tutorials devoted to building and adding features to Stellar apps. For a map of everything included in this section, check out the Welcome page

The API Reference is a single long document, which we hope will make it faster to find the content you're looking for. Instead of clicking through the navigation to check different pages for that paragraph you know is there somewhere, you can use the native ctrl-f behavior of your browser to find all references to the keyword in question.

We'll continue to refine and improve these docs for...well, basically forever...and we could use your help: like the Stellar codebase, the docs are open source, and the more eyes, brains, and fingers on the keyboard contributing to them, the better they'll be. So if you have feedback, suggestions, or ideas for improvements, get in there! Suggest a change in a PR! Point out a problem or request a new feature by raising an issue! We look forward to continuing to work on these together.