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Beta Test Our New Dev Docs


Justin Rice

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Dev docs

For the past few months, the SDF web products team has been working on a new version of the Stellar developer docs. They're still a work in progress, but they've come a long way, and right now, we're at the point where we could really use your feedback.

There are two sections to check out:

These will live alongside the existing Stellar docs while we gather feedback, make adjustments, complete the content, and root out and squash any bugs in the interface.

The goal is to keep everything good from the existing docs but to streamline the navigation, improve the looks, and update the content to better reflect where things stand now. We wanted to make things more modular — so the documentation is organized around different learning paths — and the plan is to add new paths as network use cases evolve.

If you have suggestions or find bugs, errors, or omissions, please file PRs or issues in the new docs repo or make a report using this typeform survey. If you feel inspired, we also encourage you to contribute: the documentation, like the code, is open source!

What to Test

Both Documentation and API Reference

  • Navigate around using the table of contents in the sidebar to the left. Is the navigation intuitive? Do you get lost?
  • Change your preferred language on a code snippet. Does it behave how you’d expect? Does the language change persist?
  • Scroll horizontally in a code snippet or example response. Does it behave how you’d expect?
  • Try to edit a page. What happens? Is it what you’d expect?
  • Feel free to find other things to break!


  • Navigate around a page using the “Page Outline” to the right. Is the navigation intuitive?
  • Do you see anything in the content that's inaccurate or could be improved?
  • Do you have ideas for additional content?

API Reference

  • Scroll up and down the “infinite scroll” of the main content. Do the links in your browser’s address bar reflect the content you are viewing in your browser window?
  • Click around using links in the content. What’s broken?
  • Is the content organized how you’d expect given your understanding of Horizon? What was hard to find?
  • Can you find information about the endpoint that lists all payments?
  • Can you find information about the endpoint that lists all offers for an account?

What Is Not Ready

  • All content is still in draft phase, and we are continuing to add more. We're open to suggestions and encourage contributions.
  • We have not optimized for browsers other than Chrome on Mac.

Note: The API Reference will not have responsive design. We'd like it to be readable on mobile, but it won't be optimized for mobile.

Submit Issues

  • You can submit an issue or file a PR in the GitHub repo or file a report using this typeform survey.
  • Please include a link to the page where you're experiencing the issue, the browser and device you are using, and (optionally) a screenshot.
  • Feel free to contribute in any way. The documentation, like the code, is open source.