Announcing RPCiege: Siege 5, Space Continuum


Bri Wylde

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The next siege

RPCiege: Siege 5, Space Continuum starts on December 4th! This siege consists of four individual skirmishes, all completed with the Soroban smart contract platform on the Stellar network. Each challenge will focus on helping the player understand various aspects of Soroban’s state archival model.

Let’s get into some details.

Siege 5 schedule & skirmishes

New skirmishes will be released between December 4th and December 8th and will challenge players to do the following:

  • In Skirmish 11 (released on December 4th at 1 p.m. EST), you’ll have to bump a contract and its storage;
  • In Skirmish 12 (released on December 5th at 8 p.m. EST), you’ll work with Soroban’s different storage types;
  • In Skirmish 13 (released on December 7th at 9 a.m. EST), you’ll need to bump a contract again — but this time using a different method;
  • And finally, in Skirmish 14 (released on December 8th at 1 p.m. EST), you’ll restore an expired data entry back to the ledger.

As with previous sieges, all players who complete each skirmish successfully will get NFT playing cards that depict characters unique to Siege 5 (check out other cards you can collect by playing previous skirmishes in this display tool created by vinamo).

But that’s not all you can get…

XLM awards are on!

That’s right, you heard us. XLM awards are on for Siege 5 of RPCiege! The first 105 individual players to complete each skirmish will be eligible to receive XLM awards.

The award breakdown is as follows:

  • The first player to complete each skirmish gets 500 XLM;
  • The second player to complete each skirmish gets 400 XLM;
  • The third player to complete each skirmish gets 300 XLM;
  • The fourth player to complete each skirmish gets 200 XLM;
  • The fifth player to complete each skirmish gets 100 XLM;
  • Players who complete each skirmish between 6th and 105th place get 50 XLM.

To be eligible for XLM awards, players must have their KYC and tax documents completed and their RPCiege wallet connected on the Account page on the Fast, Cheap & 0ut 0f Control website here: prior to playing Siege 5.

If your screen looks like the screenshot below, then you should be all set!

However, individuals playing RPCiege are not required to fill out KYC and tax documents if they do not want to be eligible to receive XLM awards. If they do not complete the KYC and tax documents, they will only be eligible to receive the NFT playing cards for completing skirmishes.

Prepare thyself!

Want to play RPCiege but need some help getting started with Soroban? We got you covered! This Soroban tutorial is a great way to learn Soroban basics in a gamified environment. And you can always revisit old RPCiege skirmishes (Skirmishes 1-10) to familiarize yourself with Rust fundamentals and Soroban functionalities.

And playing games is always more fun with your friends (or enemies), so be sure to join the Stellar Developer Discord and select “Coding games and challenges” in the #Channels & Roles channel.

The story continues…

And, of course, the lore endures. You’ve conquered warlords and wildlings, monsters and mercenaries. And you’ve emerged victorious against the more subtle menaces. But your adventure is not over yet. In fact, it’s only just begun. You’ve decided it’s time to enlist an ally in the form of the acclaimed archaeologist Blossom Bernice Breydenblach (Bee). But there’s one problem: she’s in space.

In RPCiege: Siege 5, Space Continuum, you will travel to the cosmos to locate Bee and bring her back down to Earth.

So ready your typin’ fingers and fire up your dancin’ shoes, for RPCiege starts again in one week! Good luck!