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With tools such as plug-and-play SDKs, Soroban CLI, RPC server, and local sandbox, Soroban provides a user-friendly experience that gets developers up and running quickly. Start building with flexible, reusable functions and ready-to-use contracts.


Soroban is designed with scalability in mind. Boost performance with multi-core scaling, an optimized fee model, and without pesky serialization loops. Soroban also tackles the elephant in the room head-on by addressing the problem of state bloat.

Real-World Utility

Connect to Stellar’s exceptional interoperability by accessing its wide variety of on-chain assets and worldwide on and off-ramps. Also, benefit from five-second contract finality on a proven and mature network boasting 150 TPS.

Grants & Funding

$100M Adoption Fund

The Stellar Development Foundation launched the $100M Soroban adoption fund to encourage and support developers as they learn, experiment, build, and scale projects on Soroban. Kickstart your project with supporting programs like the Stellar Community Fund (SCF), an open-application awards program to support developers and startups building on the Stellar network and Soroban. Qualified submissions may receive awards of up to $100,000 worth of XLM at a time. SCF rounds run every 4 weeks.


Install & Learn

Install the Rust toolchain and Soroban CLI to begin writing your first Soroban smart contract. Learn more and continue building by going to the Soroban documentation. Or check out all available Soroban-related learning materials, programs, and more in Sorobanland.

use soroban_sdk::{contract, contractimpl, symbol_short, vec, Env, Symbol, Vec};

pub struct HelloContract;

impl HelloContract {
    pub fn hello(env: Env, to: Symbol) -> Vec<Symbol> {
        vec![&env, symbol_short!("Hello"), to]

mod test;


Start Building

1. Setup

Install and configure Rust and the Sorban CLI

Get Started

2. Hello World

Create your first Soroban smart contract

Create Project

3. Deploy to Testnet

Deploy a smart contract to a live test network

Deploy Now

4. Storing Data

Write a smart contract that stores and retrieves data

Store Data

5. Deploy Incrementor

Deploy the incrementor contract to Testnet

Deploy Now

6. Create an App

Make a frontend web app that interacts with your smart contract

Create App


Build and Connect

Discover and connect with projects building with smart contracts on Stellar or explore resources to help you build.


Add borrowing, lending and staking protocols into your application, or build your own.



Connect your wallet or tap into existing wallets with users around the world.



Explore bridges that connect Stellar to other chains.



Get live pricing feeds with supported Oracles to support your DeFi application.



Create, issue, and manage digital representations of real-world assets, such as stablecoins and more.

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RPC Providers

Access Soroban RPC endpoint services for development, testing, and production.



Join Brands Building on Soroban

From infrastructure providers and bridges, to protocols and wallets, join projects big and small already building the future of DeFi on Stellar.


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