The Power of Stellar

Greater than the sum of its parts, Stellar isn’t only a network. With a thriving ecosystem, mission-driven foundation and a lightning-fast network with low fees, Stellar is supporting and enabling builders shaping a new era of decentralized finance.

The Network

Designed for rapid payments and extremely low-cost transactions, the Stellar network is a public, open-source blockchain, where the world’s financial systems and their currencies can freely interoperate with each other on a single network as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the network relies on blockchain technology to keep it in sync, but unique to the Stellar network, its proof-of-agreement consensus mechanism, the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), makes it faster, cheaper, and far more energy-efficient than most chains.

12 billion

Total # of operations processed since network launch

7.5 million

Total # of accounts

.000002 XLM

Average transaction cost

Blockchain, interoperability, consensus….It’s a lot to explain, we know. The bottom line? This technology and its game-changing capabilities are enhancing the financial system for all.

The Foundation

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), is a nonprofit committed to the growth and development of the network. SDF helps to shape the strategic direction, funding, and support for the network and its builders. And it aids in the network’s growth by fostering partnerships, promoting the adoption of the Stellar network’s innovative blockchain technology and building open-source tools for builders to utilize.

SDF’s work to support the network’s growth and future is outlined in an annual Roadmap. The roadmap and foundation’s progress against it is tracked in the open, just like the network’s code.

The Ecosystem

Today the Stellar network attracts a thriving global ecosystem and community. NGOs, corporations, universities, small businesses, governments, and solo entrepreneurs are leveraging the network and the easy-to-use tools at their disposal to solve the problems only they know best. Aid organizations distribute aid directly to those in need via Stellar Aid Assist. The first U.S. registered blockchain-based money market fund uses the Stellar network to process transactions and record share ownership. And millions of people worldwide rely on financial apps built on the Stellar network.