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Winter 2019


SDF CEO and Executive Director Denelle Dixon shares the many accomplishments from 2019 and looks to 2020 as a big year, not just for SDF, but for the Stellar network and ecosystem as a whole. Some points of note:

  • We’ve expanded our ecosystem.
  • We’ve focused on targeted distribution.
  • We’ve been vocal on the regulatory agenda.

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SDF released a new Mandate this month, including info on lumen distribution and XLM grants. You can read the new Mandate here.

We hosted an end of the year event at Cloudflare recapping 2019 and answered questions from the audience about Stellar and regulations in the blockchain world.

In case you missed it, the latest Horizon version, 0.24.0, is now available.

The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) Final Voting round starts today, December 27th. Cast your vote now!

SatoshiPay and Aktionaer, a German finance outlet, kicked off a partnership where users can pay for digital content using lumens.

Denelle Dixon made an appearance on the Money 3.0 Podcast by Abra, speaking about the importance of regulations, the biggest challenges that SDF faces, SDF’s structure as a nonprofit, and what it’s like to work with Jed McCaleb.

BitGo announced their support of Stellar tokens!

You can now use lumens to book your hotel lodging on

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This year, we hosted the first-ever Stellar Meridian conference. Participants included IBM World Wire, Satoshipay, Wirex, Flutterwave, Coinsquare,, AnchourUSD, Bitbond, Realtybits, BinanceX, Rehive and many, many more.

During Meridian, we reduced our lumen allocations and rededicated what remains to what we think Stellar needs most. Read about why we did this and how the remaining lumens will used here or watch the video here.

Jed and Denelle gave a fireside chat at SF Blockchain Week this year. Check out the video.

Lisa Nestor also gave a talk at Blockchain Expo this year.

Jeesun, a Stellar frontend developer, wrote a great guide on using Keybase for the Stellar Korea community.

Smart Valor now supports Stellar.

In case you missed it, the latest Stellar Core release, v12.2.0, is live.


Want to learn about one of the things that makes the Stellar network so unique? Kolten breaks down a key part of the Stellar network in an easy-to-understand way.

Kolten was on a roll in October! Check out his blog on Stellar Smart Contracts and how they are different than the smart contracts you might be used to…

MouseBelt launched the Blockchain Education Alliance in partnership with SDF, Tron, ICON, and more to increase education efforts and support innovation in the blockchain world.

Marta, a lead engineer at SDF, wrote a blog on Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). It discusses a simplified version of the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), and provides concrete examples of how the Stellar Network achieves agreement via SCP

To get you pumped up for the SCF Round 3 winners announcement (coming soon!), check out the Round 2 winners from October.

SDF New Hires

Jordan Edelstein, Chief Marketing Officer
Jordan is responsible for driving SDF’s marketing efforts of the Stellar network. He has spent his entire career in marketing. For the last 15 years, he worked in the video game industry, partnering closely with game developers and partners on bringing some of the industry’s biggest game titles to market for Electronic Arts, Kabam, and 21st Century Fox.

Lauren Thorbjornsen, Director of Communications and PR
A writer by training and at heart, Lauren is responsible for the communications and public relations plan for SDF and its leadership. Most recently, she worked on partner communications and marketing at Salesforce, helping tell the story of the ecosystem of businesses that build and implement on the platform. Previously, she worked in politics and international government, working to make domestic and global policy issues understood by broad audiences.

Work at SDF

We recently had a booth at Stanford’s career fair in Palo Alto, California. If you’re interested in joining the SDF team, check out our job postings here.

We are hiring! Apply today.

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