Monthly RoundUp

June 2018

Welcome to the June Monthly Roundup! June was a busy month for the ecosystem, with many projects (both new and old) having major releases. The network continues to grow and we're excited by the innovation we've seen.

Ecosystem Updates

After lots of hard work, Lobstr and BlockEq are the first to get Apple-approved Stellar applications on the Apple Store! Not only is that a great accomplishment for their respective teams, but it means the app store officially allows Stellar technology application in the store, which is a huge milestone for all of Stellar. This opens a new door for development opportunities for mobile Stellar applications. Both apps are live on the AppStore now. Congratulations! We look forward to seeing the mobile ecosystem grow.

We published "How and Why to Complete Your Stellar.toml file" to help token issuers ensure their assets see success.The stellar.toml file helps verify that assets are real and can be trusted. It's also an important step to getting your assets listed on many of the applications utilizing Stellar. Read the full guide here.

Our partners at announced StellarX! You can read the full details of the announcement here.

DSTOQ is a licensed stock exchange that offers an effortless way to trade cryptocurrencies for tokenized securities - with all transactions on-chain. DSTOQ focuses on improving financial inclusion in emerging markets through their peer-to-peer decentralized platform - all powered by Stellar.

The White Company is a licensed and registered USD Anchor on the Stellar network. They specialize in facilitating luxury retail spend for cryptocurrency holders. Their WSD token is backed 1-to-1 with USD, and under third party audit.

Don't forget that we are currently accepting submissions for the 7th Stellar Build Challenge! Read the announcement blog post and dive into the full guidelines for more details. Submissions close on August 15th.

Community Articles

Stellar Developer Updates

Platform Team Releases:

We've started monitoring long-term uptime for core nodes in the dashboard. Check it out on here.

Call To Action: Are you an open source developer working on an exciting Stellar project? We recently conducted spring (well, summer) cleaning on our Community Open-Source Project Directory, removing all inactive projects… and now the directory is feeling a bit empty. We're looking to update the directory so if you are working on a project that you want others to know about, open a PR and we’ll add your project!

Featured Community Projects

Reminder! The Stellar StackExchange is in Public Beta – We are currently using StackExchange to help developers find the answers they need when working on projects. Come join the community!

Entrepreneur Updates

New Token Projects on the Stellar Network

  • LendLedger is an open network founded by financial sector veterans that uses Stellar to create next generation 'plumbing' for lending markets. Today over $2 trillion in small business loans are simply never made due to outdated and inefficient architecture and systems. LendLedger v0.1 is live and powering loans at rate of $30 million per year.
  • Further Network is developing a P2P network to introduce blockchain to the travel industry through Smart Travel Record (STR®) and Aton, a Stellar-based token. Features include a real-time settlement and payment gateway, passenger wallet with biometric ID features, P2P travel product distribution, a blockchain-based passenger service system, and P2P exchange market for travel assets.
  • Pixie is a discovery, payment and reward platform that connects independent businesses to people, so they trade freely, quickly and securely anywhere in the world. With over £200,000 of transactions already processed, Pixie enables people to discover, pay and get rewarded wherever they go and supports a number of local communities from fashion boutiques, coffee shops, butchers, to artisan traders at street markets.
  • Gratzio is a global marketplace for person-to-person on-demand services and is governed by its users. Get anything done by locals anywhere in the world or earn cryptocurrency by doing small favors for people around you.
  • TRUST AG is building transaction infrastructure for the restaurant industry. Its unique implementation of the Stellar network will not only maximize restaurant efficiency, but also enable the constant tokenization of each and every system built for the hospitality industry.
  • Apis Token is the first tokenized hedge fund strategy, focused on an algorithmic, signal based volatility trading strategy in the S&P 500 Options and VIX Futures markets, with a proven track record and a management team with over 15 years securities trading experience.
  • WishKnish leverages the Stellar network for its retail marketplace solution to ensure that customers shopping on WishKnish Storefronts are always quoted the best rates and timeframes for their purchases, and are able to transact in a coin-agnostic fashion - transparently and effortlessly.



  • Lisa Nestor - Voice of Blockchain, August 24 & 25. Hosted by the Chicago Blockchain Project, the event will focus discussions on blockchain applications for communities, governments and business.
  • Rehive Hackathon - San Francisco Series. Rehive is a platform and toolkit for building fintech apps, including apps on Stellar. Their mission is to accelerate fintech innovation by breaking down the technology barrier to entry. They are hosting three SF-based hackathons in July, August and September. More details here.


Meinhard Benn, Founder, Satoshi Pay at the Stellar Amsterdam meet-up
Lisa Nestor at Money2020 Europe conference
Stellar Singapore meet-up with Ella Qiang and Michael Ran
Boris Reznikov at Stellar Moscow meet-up
Lisa Nestor at IMTC San Francisco

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