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February 2021

Executive Director Message

How is it February already? It seems like we’ve already accomplished so much in January. In fact, to cap off an exciting first month, we updated our 2021 roadmap to reflect what we are prioritizing for the year ahead. We’re still doubling down on growth in meaningful ways as we seek to support the robustness and usability of Stellar, help Stellar be the blockchain people know and trust, and foster and develop sustainable Stellar use cases for cross-border payments and securitized assets.

This makes what I’m about to talk about next all the more relevant. USDC, the world’s top digital dollar stablecoin, is now live on Stellar and available for immediate use, meaning businesses, developers, and retail users can start leveraging USDC in their own projects. In fact, we have already heard from many in the ecosystem that they are interested in becoming USDC anchors. If you want to learn more, visit our new landing page for resources on how to start using USDC on Stellar.

There is also a new round of investment announcements coming up in ecosystem partners both old and new, so keep your eyes peeled for the news! February is already shaping up to be an exciting month, and it makes me all the more excited to see what we have in store for the network and ecosystem.


Stellar Ecosystem Updates

USDC is Live on the Stellar Network 

Circle and the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced USDC is live on the Stellar network. At launch, Stellar USDC is immediately available on Stellar's decentralized exchange, accessible to any Stellar account through integrated wallets (Lobstr, Solar, StellarPort, StellarX, and StellarTerm), and tradeable across Stellar's ecosystem of more than 9,000 assets including stablecoins like NGNT, BRLT, ARST, EURT, TZS and ZAR.

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Our 2021 Strategic Roadmap

As promised, the Stellar Development Foundation’s 2021 strategic roadmap is live! Our three strategic pillars haven’t changed: support the robustness and usability of Stellar; help Stellar to be the blockchain people know and trust; and foster and develop sustainable Stellar use cases. We have mapped out unique and specific aims for this year under each pillar. Not surprisingly, all “roads” lead to growth for Stellar in 2021.

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Stellar Development Foundation Q4 in Review

Despite the unprecedented circumstances and dramatic changes around the globe, 2020 proved to be a landmark year for the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) and the Stellar network. 

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The State of Stablecoins 

In collaboration with digital payment platform Wirex, we set out to better understand the day-to-day needs and demands of people making payments. After surveying our audiences and analyzing the data, we’ve summarized our findings in The Future of Money: Cryptocurrency Adoption in 2021. This report provides insight on user profiles, spending habits, and overall sentiment towards cryptocurrency.

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Stellar Development Foundation Invests $5 Million in Wyre 

The investment will introduce a wide variety of payment APIs to fintech applications on the Stellar network, integrating with existing anchors and enabling Stellar USDC on/off ramps in existing fiat pairs (USD, GBP, CAD, AUS, and EUR). 

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How we mint Stellar USDC 

Circle recently implemented USDC on the Stellar blockchain. To adhere to the requirements involved in the standard USDC specification, Circle’s engineering team added two new assets to the Stellar blockchain: USDC and USDCAllow.

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Lightnet Group, Velo Labs and Asia Digital Bank to develop cross-border business solutions in Asia

Virgin Island-based Velo Labs Technology Ltd. which is backed by Stellar Network and CP Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Singapore-based fintech company Lightnet Pte. Ltd. and Malaysia-based Asia Digital Bank Ltd. among others, to jointly develop cross-border business solutions.

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German real estate giant issues debt via Stellar blockchain 

The German real estate group Vonovia, which is headquartered in Bochum, owns more than 400,000 apartments in Germany, Austria and Sweden. In order to further expand the digitalization of its financial operations, the housing company has issued its first fully digital registered bond in the amount of €20 million as stated in their press release.

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COINQVEST Receives European Virtual Currency Service Provider License, Partners with nTokens to Bring Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processing to Brazil  

COINQVEST had two big announcements this month: they received their European Virtual Currency Service Provider License, which allows them company to provide custodial wallet solutions and offer cryptocurrency and fiat exchange and they kicked off a collaboration with Brazilian digital currency provider nTokens to bring the power of blockchain-based payment processing platform to businesses and markets in Brazil.

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Stellar Developer Updates

Horizon v1.14.0 Released

On Jan. 25, we released Horizon v1.14.0. This release brings us incredibly close to the Horizon 2.0 release, which we look forward to discussing in depth over the coming months.

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Transaction Submission, Timeouts, and Dynamic Fees FAQ

Getting more errors than you anticipated when submitting transactions to Stellar? Unsure how to deal with them? This FAQ is for you! 

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Open Protocol Discussion

This open protocol discussion focused on a Core Advancement Proposal that would provide an issuer the means to claw back an asset in order to support regulatory requirements. 

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Hack the System Hackathon - February 25

SDF is proud to sponsor Hack the System! Starting on 25th February, Hack the System will last 10 weeks — 5 weeks for learning, and 5 weeks for hacking.

You can register for the hackathon here. Pre-registration is open until 25th February until the point at which hacking begins, which is on Monday 29th March.

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Stellar Community Articles & Interviews

Justin Rice (SDF) on DVI Crypto Podcast

Denelle Dixon (SDF) on The Decrypt Daily Podcast

Frederic 경진 Rezeau (Litemint) on Sam Conner

Lisa Nestor (SDF) on Sam Conner

Publicnode is hiring, checkout their listings


Upcoming Events

Hack the System Hackathon - Feb 25th

Past Events

January 20  - Stellar Development Foundation Quarterly Review: Q4 & 2020

We're Hiring

Business Development Manager

In this role, you'll be engaging directly with global fintech companies and financial institutions as a primary point of contact for the SDF. You’ll be providing support on helping them understand the Stellar network, how they can serve as an on and off ramp to the network, and make use of it to offer financial services to their customer base.  Most importantly, you will be growing the world of blockchain and supporting SDF’s mission of creating equitable access to the global financial system.

Developer Relations Associate

In this role, you will define and create tools, processes, and content to engage developers and enterprises building on Stellar.  You will work with every single department inside SDF — as well as external partners and ecosystem participants — to help figure out and explain what it is we’re doing, and why.  Your goal: to help realize the network’s potential.

Protocol Architect

Dozens of major businesses are building on Stellar, and you’ll play a key role identifying their needs from a product perspective, proposing improvements to the Stellar Protocol to meet those needs, and software architecting the ultimate solutions. This position combines high-level strategic thinking, strong communication with stakeholders, and going hands-on to code up proofs of concept.

Senior Software Engineer, Partner Engineering

In this role you’ll be designing, building, and implementing innovative blockchain solutions for our partners. You will lead the way in developing projects, from scoping & system design to development & best practice deployments. SDF’s partners span globally and are some of the most innovative software and financial companies.

Communications Manager

In this role, you will help develop compelling communications aligned to our messaging and narrative, support the execution of an effective communications and media relations strategy, and coordinate the events, conferences, and external moments to share our story.

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