The Foundation

Built for a Mission

The Stellar Development Foundation, or SDF for short, is a nonprofit organization created and structured to achieve a mission: creating equitable access to the global financial system through blockchain technology. We believe that some of today’s financial systems aren’t designed for everyone and that by leveraging networks like Stellar, we can do our part to change that.

Our Mission

Why What We do Matters

The way the global financial system is structured today, the deck can be stacked against people based on the circumstances into which they were born. The Stellar network offers a way to create a more accessible system that lets people participate in a worldwide, stable, financial network regardless of where they live.

Ecosystem Support

Unlocking Potential

SDF is committed to the growth and development of the network, dedicating its time and resources to help unlock the potential of builders and entrepreneurs worldwide who are solving the financial access problem for their communities. As a nonprofit, we are focused on achieving our mission. This means we do what’s good for the health of the network and our mission for financial access. This means we do what’s right for the builders, changemakers, and problem solvers that will get us there.

Track Our Progress

Committed to Transparency

SDF shares openly how we’re working to make the network a success by providing strategic direction of the network in collaboration with ecosystem participants, providing funding for network builders, and fostering partnerships and dialogue with public and private stakeholders that influence the future of the technology. We track our progress in the open.


Utility is the growth exponent. It is the roadmap that leads to and relies on network effects.


Quarterly Reports


SDF quarterly reports outline the organization's achievements, spanning from network updates to ecosystem developments to advocacy in policy and…


Read the SDF Mandate

See all grants in one place and get live updates on our progress towards achieving our goals of greater access to the financial system.

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Our Values

Outcomes. Urgency. Respect.

Be outcome-oriented

Be outcome-oriented

We play to win. That means setting our sights and going for it. Working together to define the goal and driving forward to success.

Build with urgency

Build with urgency

The world won’t wait for us. We seek urgent, pragmatic solutions to difficult problems. That means working iteratively, learning and reinventing as we go.

Speak with candor and listen with respect

Speak with candor and listen with respect

We improve by listening and learning. And we speak candidly to offer colleagues the insight and support they deserve.

DEI Pillars

Committed to Equality

At the Stellar Development Foundation, our mission is to create equitable access to the global financial system. We firmly believe that to realize this mission, it is essential to foster an environment where a sense of belonging and inclusion thrives by empowering a diverse array of innovative ideas and inviting fresh and unconventional perspectives.

This commitment serves a dual purpose: it fuels the creation of tools that breathe life into our mission and reflects our core values. We know that our people are our most valuable asset. They are the driving force behind our ability to infuse diversity, equity and inclusion into every facet of our work and we’re committed to fostering an environment that inspires their best work.


Strive to continuously reflect the diverse perspectives that future-proof our technology and enhance our product.

Equity & Inclusion

Foster belonging by committing to continuous learning and collaboration.

External Community

Equitably invest resources to advance our mission and further our impact.


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