Enterprise Fund

The Stellar Enterprise Fund is a venture-style fund for growing the open-source Stellar network. We make direct investments at seed to series B (including strategic bridge rounds) or make acquisitions in global fintech or blockchain companies. Companies should demonstrate real and sustainable Stellar use cases and integrate within 1 year of investment.

Areas of Interest

Cross-border payments
  • Business payments for high cost corridors
  • Remittances in high friction markets
Access to financial services
  • USD savings
  • Tokenized assets
  • Investing in securities
Other use cases
  • Financial inclusion in emerging markets
  • Banking
  • Payment processing
  • Lending

We are also open to new models across asset management, compliance, gaming, liquidity, payroll, treasury management, etc.

Investment Criteria

Investments are made in USD or Lumens (XLM). There is no public application for the Enterprise Fund. SDF will source its own candidates based on five criteria:

Stellar Fit

Does Stellar provide compelling value to the Company? Will the team further SDF’s mission?


Does the company bring real & working use cases to the Stellar ecosystem? Does the Company have potential to 10x Stellar's current transaction volume, network value, or assets under management?


Do we trust management to execute, focus, and commit to building for the long term? Is the team able to build a compelling product that is competitive in the market and brings value to the end user? Does the team have a viable go-to-market plan?


Does the company have a viable path towards financial independence from Stellar (either through external funding or revenue) in the next 18-24 months?


Why now – is this the right time for us to invest? Does the team have a clear, realistic, yet ambitious plan of how they will use the money and why they need it now?

You can read more on the purpose of the Enterprise Fund and see the full Stellar Mandate here

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