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Announcing the Newest Stellar Advocacy Program: Stellar Campus Experts


Anuhya Challagundla

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Today, SDF is growing its Stellar advocacy program with the launch of Stellar Campus Experts! Stellar Campus Experts is a community-driven program for students looking to grow their blockchain knowledge and support blockchain technology in their campus communities.

What Stellar Campus Experts is all about

The Stellar Campus Experts program is geared toward university and bootcamp students interested in blockchain technology who are, or aspire to be, leaders in their campus ecosystems. After applying and being accepted into the program, candidates onboard by learning more about the Stellar network and blockchain technology, including through the gamified educational platform, Stellar Quest Learn. After building a solid knowledge base in both areas, Stellar Campus Experts will have access to additional resources and support from SDF to organize blockchain-focused meetups, events, and workshops within their communities. The goal is to help individuals become experts in the field and provide them with the tools, resources, and structure needed to cultivate interest in innovative technologies on their campuses.

We also want this to be a community-driven program, with current and past Stellar Campus Experts training future applicants and collaborating on events. The program’s training materials will eventually be made available to the broader Stellar advocacy community for comment and collaboration, furthering the goal of making blockchain technology accessible and inclusive to all.

What’s in it for me?

Learning opportunities are great - but that’s not all students get out of being a Stellar Campus Expert! In addition to receiving a small stipend, Stellar Campus Experts are eligible to receive funding from SDF to host campus workshops and local meetups. Experts can also attend exclusive Stellar events and hackathons, participate on calls with real engineers building on Stellar, acquire cool swag, and more. With the networking and knowledge that comes from participating in the Stellar Campus Experts program, we hope to help students kickstart their careers in blockchain technology.

If this has piqued your interest, head on over to the Stellar Campus Experts website to learn more or apply!

What’s next for the Stellar Advocacy Program?

Stellar Campus Experts isn’t the only program SDF is launching under the umbrella of the Stellar Advocacy Program! We have other exciting initiatives in the works, including Stellar Classroom — a program for teachers and professors looking to educate their students on blockchain technology.

Keep your eyes open for more exciting things ahead, and apply today to be a part of our mission to create equitable access to the global financial system!