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Leverage our out-of-the-box solution to simplify your Stellar integration. Reduce your development time and cost while making your services available to a global network of wallets and applications in just one integration.
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Connecting to Stellar Made Simple

With the Stellar Anchor Platform, your business can leverage prepackaged software to reduce the development time and financial investment of building on Stellar. With minimal changes to your existing infrastructure, you’ll gain access to Stellar’s payment rails specializing in cross-border payments, deposits and withdrawals, and more coming soon.

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Get to Market Faster and Cheaper

Build on your existing APIs to bridge your services to Stellar.

Integrate Once

Integrate once and access a global ecosystem of applications on Stellar, looking to support your services for their end-users.

Customize Your Services

Start with one payment integration and expand to new solutions with a simple configuration change and low marginal cost.

save time & money

Launch in weeks and access Stellar’s payment rails at a fraction of the development time and cost.

Access Stellar’s Payment Rails

Integrate once to access a suite of financial services built on Stellar.

Cross Border Payments

Support receive-side cross-border payments for users around the globe.
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Deposits & Withdrawals

Enable users to on and off ramp their fiat for digital assets and digital assets for fiat.
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“The Anchor Platform has made it easier than ever to build on Stellar and get our services to market faster and cheaper, achieving our mission of making crypto useful. In a matter of weeks our development team was able to connect the Platform's APIs to our existing infrastructure and access cross-border payments on Stellar.”

Eduardo Cruz, Head of Business Operations - Enterprise Solutions at Bitso

How It Works

Become a Stellar anchor in 3 Steps.
Deploy to an infrastructure provider of your choice.
Integrate your preferred key custody infrastructure.
Connect the Anchor Platform to your existing APIs.
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