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Soroban Smart Contracts

Discover Soroban, Stellar’s cutting-edge platform for Rust-based smart contracts. Engineered for scalability, security, and efficiency, Soroban enhances your development experience on the Stellar network.



In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, Soroban unlocks the potential for enterprises to leverage blockchain technology to expand into new markets, deliver innovative financial solutions, and build a competitive edge. Our Rust-based smart contracts offer scalability and efficiency for seamless integration with your existing systems, setting the foundation for transformative business growth.

Technical Superiority

Soroban smart contracts have several features that set it apart from other blockchain networks. These include a novel state archival solution for addressing state bloat, fine-grained resource metering that makes for low and fairer transaction fee distribution, and built-in authorization capabilities that include account abstraction. Soroban’s developer tooling also comes with “batteries included”, which is designed to helps developers spend their time on the business logic over anything else. These and more show how Soroban has been built for sustainability and efficiency.

Novel State Archival Solution

Fine-Grained Resource Metering

Built-In Authorization

Batteries Included


Security and Testing

From the beginning, Soroban has included tools and frameworks to write secure contracts. It is built in Rust end-to-end, which means it takes advantage of the robust set of security tools the Rust ecosystem has created over the years, such as built-in fuzz testing, formal verification, and many other testing methods without needing third-party tools. This comprehensive approach guarantees reliability, security, and peak performance before deployment.

Developers can also benefit from simulated environments to rigorously evaluate their contracts. Built-in Rust and compiled into WebAssembly (Wasm), Stellar smart contacts are robust and efficient, delivering unparalleled performance.

However, tools alone are not enough to fully take advantage of Soroban's security features. Soroban Security Audit Bank introduces a stable of those experts into the ecosystem and gives them an incentive to hone their Soroban and Rust chops by connecting them to projects in need of audits.


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