Join us for Meridian 2021

Build Locally, Impact Globally

November 17 - 18, 2021

To connect the global financial infrastructure, we need to build a strong foundation at the ground level. Local and regional efforts may start by addressing the challenges closest to them, but with the right infrastructure, these local solutions can also scale worldwide.

Meridian 2021 will serve as a forum where experts in finance, policy, and technology from within and beyond the Stellar ecosystem will share what they’re building and their plans for growth. By connecting on Stellar, these developers and companies are working effectively and collectively to have a global impact, bringing the world closer to true financial inclusion.

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Our past conferences

In the lead up to Meridian 2021, get a taste of what to expect by checking out Meridian 2020 and 2019. Recorded sessions are available for public viewing, so you can catch up on the cool discussions and learnings we’ve collected over the past two years.

Meridian 2020
Meridian 2019