Stellar for Fintech Applications

Fintech companies around the world are trying to solve one of today’s most important problems — how do we, as a financial community, provide equitable access to a reliable, affordable and efficient global financial system? The answer: Stellar.

Stellar is a proven blockchain network that leads the way in compliance and is built for interoperability between global payment systems. With the goal of enhancing the global financial system, not supplanting it, Stellar has always been built and designed to make it easy and efficient to move currency internationally.

Stellar for Fintech Applications


Transparency is a core tenet of the Stellar network. Stellar has built-in compliance features that promote safety and transparency, including a public ledger and a network of international anchors. Anchors on the Stellar network are regulated financial institutions, money-service businesses, or fintech companies that are connected to traditional banking rails, empowering apps and services built on Stellar to provide borderless access to a compliant financial infrastructure.


As an emerging fintech company, your focus should be on building a product that provides your users a great experience. This is why Stellar, as an open financial infrastructure, offers a suite of tools and services for building financial services. Anyone can build on the network, from independent developers in Brazil to regulated financial companies in Germany. We work together to build an open network and transform the global financial system.


Euros, Bitcoins, US dollars, Mexican pesos, Argentinian pesos, Brazilian reais, Nigerian naira and more already exist as tokens on the network. Their respective issuers handle deposit, redemption, and compliance, so you can focus on the end-user experience.

With Stellar, fintech platforms can offer:

Global access to USDC and other stablecoins.

One of the main motivations for using digital wallets in emerging markets is accessing other digital versions of major currencies (aka “stablecoins") freely. Wallets can now give their customers access to USDC in a few simple steps, and also use the Wyre Savings API to generate yield on those balances.

Easy cash in and onboarding.

As wallets seek to grow their user base, partnering with Stellar anchors that have the ability to accept fiat value and onboard the customer gives wallets a new acquisition channel. Wallets can leverage standard protocols to access anchors using deposit and withdrawal APIs, or they can take advantage of web-based flows using anchor-hosted deposit and withdrawal interfaces.  The Samsung Keystore, which supports Stellar accounts, makes it easy for users to sign up on select Samsung devices, and key recovery standards allow users to onboard and authenticate using a phone number or email address.

New cash-out destinations, including mobile money.

Whether enabling customers in new geographies to convert to their home fiat currency, or designing an international peer to peer (P2P) payments flow, the Stellar Anchor Network extends the reach of wallet applications to new geographies around the world. Stellar anchors often support “difficult” currencies in emerging economies, many of which lack liquidity in the retail forex market, as well as local cash out methods.

Access to additional financial products for the underbanked.

Because Stellar is designed to support financial inclusion, it forms the basis for a number of companies that tokenize financial services to enable access to consumers in emerging markets. Through specific integration standards wallets can offer fractional US stock and bond ownership or savings accounts. New products and service offerings leverage Stellar every month.

Cross-border payments

Tempo, Cowrie, Flutterwave

Savings & Yield in tokenized versions of USD and other fiat currencies

Vibrant, Wyre

P2P transactions and savings accounts for the underbanked


Access to multiple cryptocurrencies

Solar, Lobstr

Realtime merchant payments via QR code or stablecoins


Foreign access to US investments


The Benefits of Stellar


Build on a completely decentralized network and avoid downtime.


Seamlessly operate in different regulatory environments.


Enable your users to transfer value in minutes, for a fraction of a cent.

Start using Stellar

Stellar’s expanding network of anchors, applications, and partner companies is changing how people exchange and send money.

When applications want to integrate Stellar, their first design decision is whether to build a custodial or noncustodial wallet — in short, do they want to custody your customers’ keys and funds, or have them do it themselves? The table below shows availability of anchors in select geographies.

The next question is in which geographies do they want to have on and off ramps tokenized assets.

Anchors & Available Features

Deposit and Withdrawal API
Hosted Deposit and Withdrawal
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon

Please note you will need to integrate with the Stellar network Horizon APIs as well as Stellar Anchor APIs (example) which may require a separate agreement with an anchor.

The final question is what tokenized assets and use cases to offer customers. If you’re curious how Stellar could help you grow your business, we’d love to talk.