Grants & Funding

Marketing Grants Program

As part of its commitment to bringing new individual users and businesses to the Stellar ecosystem, SDF offers marketing grants of up to $100,000 to fuel the growth and user acquisition efforts of projects built on the Stellar network. The funds from marketing grants are designed to support a wide array of initiatives, including digital and offline marketing, in-app incentives, PR, and communications.

Marketing grants go to both new and existing projects with clear use cases and concrete timelines and are reserved for qualified teams with proven capability to define budgets, set benchmarks, execute on marketing campaigns, and deliver results.


Marketing Support Areas

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
  • Paid digital media (e.g. Meta/IG, Google Ads, Linkedin, Display).
  • Offline marketing activities and events.
  • PR and communications support.
  • In-app incentives, such as new customer bonuses, referrals.
  • External resources, such as marketing agencies, tools, and services.

Areas not supported by marketing grants:
  • Speculation, wash trading, or market manipulation related to or involving XLM or any other Stellar network digital asset.
  • Encouraging investment in any digital asset or promoting statements around the price of digital assets.
  • Marketing or promoting any product or feature that promises interest, a dividend, or other appreciation or return.


What We Look For


Is the project live with traction or preparing to launch soon?


Does the project have a connection to SDF’s mission of increasing financial inclusion, sustainability, compliance, DEI and social responsibility?


Will increased success of the project directly and positively impact the Stellar ecosystem?


Does the marketing proposal have a detailed execution plan with clear deliverables, timelines, and measurable milestones for success?


Does the project have its own marketing team/resource that could implement a co-created plan?


The more detail you provide the better your chances are of getting funded.

Next Step

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Submit your grant application below. Please ensure the application is complete!
  • Step 2: Your application proposal will be reviewed internally by the Stellar Development Foundation. If your proposal is a good fit, we will send an invitation to meet with your team.
  • Step 3: SDF shares decision to accept or decline application.
  • Step 4: Legal and due diligence review.
  • Step 5: Marketing deliverables and milestone planning.
  • Step 6: Formal contract signed and initial payment disbursed.

Please note that timelines are subject to change based on the volume of applications.


Some of our Marketing Grant Recipients