Open Protocol Discussion (6/17/21)

Date and time

Highlighted Speakers

David Mazières, Eric Saunders, Karen Chang, Leigh McCulloch, Nicolas Barry, Jed McCaleb, Jonathan Jove, Orbit Lens, Siddharth Suresh, Tomer Weller and Justin Rice

SDF Hosted




Join us for a live stream of the Stellar Open Protocol Discussion on June 17th at 2:00 PM ET! In these bi-weekly meetings, we discuss and plan for changes to upcoming versions of the Stellar Protocol.

This week, we will be going over two recent Core Advancement Proposals — CAP-37 and CAP-38 — that have the same objective: to add automated market makers to the Stellar Protocol in order to improve overall liquidity on the network. This is a technical discussion, so if you are interested in following along, we suggest reading both proposals and the mailing list discussions about them in advance.



If you have thoughts about AMMs and would like to participate in the discussion, join the Stellar Developers Google Group!